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Oasis Hong Kong Virtual (VOHK) is a Hong Kong-based Virtual Airline founded by Hong Kong flight-simmers in 2011.

We are committed to providing enhanced and interactive flight simulation experience for all our flight-simmers in Hong Kong and across the globe.

We all are seasoned flight-simmers, and we love flying online so much. We have an envision to build up the flightsim community in Hong Kong, and the increasing activity of OHK callsign on the two major flightsim networks attests our success.The motivation to invest time and money to this non-profit organization comes from the sense of achievement. It is something similar to what you get when you land the aircraft after 15 hours - VOHK trains online pilots, and then they stay with VOHK, and contribute to this community. In simple words, we are creating a better world for Hong Kong flight simmers.

When it comes to recruitment, we do not discriminate; aspiring VOHK members need not have obtained any previous flight-sim experiences to join VOHK. Currently we support Flight Simulator X, Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D, and Laminar Research's X-Plane. Should you have any concerns about the recruitment, please proceed to our recruitment page for more information.

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Virtual Airline and Online Flying

A Virtual Airline (VA) is an organization (or a group) that allows flight-simmers to enjoy a more realistic airline simulation together, instead of flying alone.


Our operation supports two online flying networks – VATSIM and IVAO where the users may connect the networks as a pilot or an air traffic controller (ATC). Both networks require users to install their own front-end software for the purpose of connection. The software is free and you will be expected to learn continuously on the networks.

Flightsim Community in Hong Kong

VOHK is keen on supporting the development of the flight simmers community in Hong Kong.

So, we are here to set up a platform for our flight simmers to exchange our knowledge of aviation, and enjoy the intimacy and company of each member. In order to accomplish our mission, VOHK often holds and participate in online flying events for our flight-simmers to get together, and these events have been well received by our members and other online pilots.

We hosted a TeamSpeak 3 server in a view to provide a platform for gathering our members and Hong Kong flight simmers. You may call for a VATSIM/IVAO group flight anytime you want.

Our Network

Our Hong Kong Hub Netowrk covers more than 70 cities over the world for regular flights and up to 100 cities for 2 hubs and seasonal flights. Have a look at our destinations and fleet Here.

We care about our members.

VOHK respect the will and appreciate contribution of our members,

and that's why we always prioritize members' interest. In response to the needs of our members, Pilot Operation Team regularly reviews the destinations and fleet, ensuring we have the most attractive destinations to our members. We also provide a wide range of repaints for mainstream add-on aircraft such as PMDG 737, 777, PMDG 747v3 and Aerosoft AirbusX Extended.

Members are also invited to express their opinions on some major decision-makings, which are important for our to achieve our goal of powering flight simulation community.