Our Teamspeak Server

VOHK operated a Teamspeak 3 server to gather our members.

If you have any question about online flying or VOHK ,Teamspeak (TS3) is the best way to contact other members or staff. TS3 is a crucial communication platform for our members to share the knowledge, coordinate during group flights, or have a free chat with others.

Teamspeak 3 Client Download

Our official Teamspeak 3 server is jointly hosted with Virtual Government Flying Services (VGFS). Click here to download TS3 tutorial.

Server address: ts.voasis.org:9030

Rules and Regulations

We do welcome public friends (non-VOHK/VGFS members) who are enthusiastic with Flight Simulation to stay, but relevant instructions from Server Admin must be complied at all times. Ground rules include -
  1. No name-calling, racist or sexist remarks;
  2. No legal consequences-provoking discussion;
  3. Respect and be respectable at all times.
  4. Use "Push-to-talk" function.
  5. The Use of Speakers are strongly not recommended for family user.

Users who are unable to comply with the above rules might be invited to leave the server by Server Admin.

For the sake of information security (INFOSEC), users are reminded to style themselves with fullnames and / or pilot callsigns (if applicable) when they choose their usernames in the server. Examples are as follow -

  • Bill Lau
  • OHK006 Gerald Kong
  • OHK054

It is also required members should not broadcast or record any of the feeds in the server without approval from all users currently on the server. Offenders may be removed or banned if found.

Once you join the channels of this server, it implies you have accepted the above rules and you are subject to the advices and instructions by administrators.