21 Apr 2019 - VOHK Staff Movements 2019

A new generation is coming - VOHK announced the latest Staff Movements today, with effect from 21 Apr 2019.

Staff List – April 2019

Tin Yeung (OHK314)


Bill Lau (OHK004)


Gerald Kong (OHK009)


Gabriel Leung (OHK264)


Eric Chan (OHK054)


Anthony Au (OHK082)

Chief Flying Instructor

Ka Wai Lee (OHK181)

Hub Manager – Hong Kong

Ryan Wong (OHK245)


Talen Hon (OHK213)


Ka Hei Zheng (OHK297)

Cargo Manager

The team is excited to invite Mr. Tin Yeung (OHK314) to join us as an Administrator and CEO of VOHK in order to fill the vacancy as Mr. Sora Chang (OHK003) has been stepped down as Administrator due to real life commitments. As a new administrator of VOHK, Tin will be responsible for handling routine operation.

Sora was one of the VOHK founder since 2011, and the team would like to take this opportunity to thank him for his service and dedication in the past 8 years.

Mr. Ka Hei Zheng (OHK297) will take up the responsibility as a Cargo Manager to enhance the cargo flight experience of our members.

Mr. Cheuk Hin Kong (OHK170) and Mr. Andrew Chan (OHK125) have also been stepped down as Scheduling Officer and Training Officer due to real life commitments.

Thank you for your attention.


Bill Lau (OHK004)
Administrator of Oasis Hong Kong Virtual