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Dispatch Flight




  1. Application form is for our members to apply a non-scheduled flights or event flights which fly on IVAO or VATSIM with VAFS
  2. Pilots must fill in all information in the application form
  3. The dispatch flight must be requested not less than 36 hours before block off time
  4. Pilots must fly the dispatch flight in accordance with the stated time
  5. Administrator or staff will create your dispatch flight as soon as possiable
  6. The dispatch flight is for the pilot requesting the flight, any other pilots who fly the flight will have to bear their own responsibility (For instance: If the flight is cancelled after the time due and the pilot is still at that destination, the pilot has to pay the jump seat fee by him/herself)



  1. Fill in all blacks and choices in the form
  2. Click ‘Submit’ after filling
  3. The respondent email will be deliverance within 24 hours before your dispatch flight block off time
  4. Start the VAFS. Click ‘Dispatch Flight’ on ‘Start New Flight’ section
  5. Enjoy your dispatch flight