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Sorry! Our application form is closed now. We are upgrading our system and hopefully we will re-open the system in May 2018. Stay tuned!

Following the commencement of “open trial” stage, now it’s time for our members to enjoy their flights experience with the refurbished system of VOHK.

We are planning to officially put the system into service before May 2018. During this stage we are looking for feedbacks and prepare the documents, so feel free to raise up any difficulties so we may consider adding it to the manuals. May I take this opportunity to express our gratitude to our Webmaster Talen Hon (OHK213) who makes everything happen.

New features of flight operations

  • New Cargo Division “Oasis Cargo” replacing the old “Air Hong Kong” with callsign OHK
  • New Hubs CYVR for connection flights to North America
  • Introducing Crew Center for members to view the schedule and bid their flight
  • Introducing SmartCARS for flight tracking which is available from Crew Center
  • Introducing Captain Oasis for dispatch flight, weather briefing and airport information (More functions will be available afterwards)
  • All members are invited to activate their accounts in Captain Oasis and Crew Center
  • All hubs will introduce a regular schedule and a seasonal schedule; the former one is the core and the latter one will change subject to demand of routes
  • Seasonal flights does not imply the limitation of the period of flight availability and it mainly depends on the members’ response.

Administrator Group

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