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Pilot Rank and Flying Hours

Pilot Rank

Virtual Pilot Training Programme is compulsory for every member in VOHK, and it is the only pilot training policy in Oasis Hong Kong Virtual for Training Team to maintain the quality of the online pilots.

Pilot rank scheme is a part of VPTP and Training Team is responsible for promotion of any pilot in VOAA. Totally seven pilot ranks are included. To be promoted to higher ranks, pilots are required to accumulate flight hours, receive the training and pass the tests.

Pilot Rank Hours
 Conditional Second Officer 0-100 hrs
Second Officer 100-300 hrs
First Officer 300-550 hrs
Senior First Officer 550-700 hrs
Captain 700-900 hrs
Senior Captain 900 hrs+

The above table only shows the hours requirements for the pilot ranks. For details, please refer to our VA Policy Chapter 6.3.


Initial Flying Hours

In accordance with our VA Policy Chapter 2.3,

VOAA Training Team credits the applicants with 70% of the VATSIM / IVAO flying hours (whichever is the higher) ONLY if the pilot has already accumulated over 100 hrs on VATSIM / IVAO.

The maximum initial flying hour is 550 hr.

Pilots are NOT required to complete the tests of the equivalent rank.

Hour transfer from other virtual airlines will NOT be entertained. Please check your VATSIM hours and IVAO hours at VATSIM statistics center and IVAO Personal Page respectively. Make sure you fill in correct information when registering with VOHK!

Example 1:
You have 120 flying hours on VATSIM and 45 flying hours on IVAO.
Initial flying hour in VOHK will be 120 * 70% = 84 hours.

Example 2:
You have 90 flying hours on VATSIM.
Initial flying hour in VOHK will be 0 hours as minimum 100 hours is required.

Example 3:
You have 25 flying hours on VATSIM and 1050 flying hours on IVAO.
Initial flying hour in VOHK will be 550 hours because 1050 * 70% = 735 hours which is greater than maximum limit.