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Before You Continue…

Please read our VA Policy which can be downloaded from here – Make sure you understand our Requirements and Recruitment Process before joining VOHK.

Also, having a look at our Standard Operation Procedure may help you get a rough idea of how to fly with VOHK.

Privacy Policy

The information you submit to us only will be handled by the VOAA Administrator Group, VATSIM, and VAFinancials.com. Your information will not be shared, sold or rented to the other parties, without your permission. In the application form, you will be required to provide personal information such as your real name, email address and age. They are stored in the server(s) of VAFinancials, and only our administrators and the staff of VAFinancials.com have the right to access the sever, and the personal information will only be used for identification, members audit and contact purpose. Every time you log on our VAFinancials system, you are required to provide your account user name and password for identification.

Administrator Group
Oasis Hong Kong Virtual

I am 13 years old or above and I have read the VA Policy and Privacy Policy of Oasis Hong Kong Virtual. Please bring me to the application form.