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Staff List

Name Position
Administrator Group
Sora Chang (OHK003) Administrator (Pilot Operation)
Hub Manager – London Gatwick
Bill Lau (OHK004) Administrator (Pilot Operation)
Chief Executive Officer
Gabriel Leung (OHK264) Administrator (Pilot Operation)
Eric Chan (OHK054) Administrator (Training)
Gerald Kong (OHK009) Administrator (Training)
Staff Group
Anthony Au (OHK082) Chief Flying Instructor (Training)
Andrew Chan (OHK125) Training Officer  (Training)
Conflict Resolution Manager (Supporting)
Ka Wai Lee (OHK181) Cargo Director (Pilot Operation)
Cheuk Hin Kong (OHK170) Scheduling Officer (Pilot Operation)
Ryan Wong (OHK245) Cargo Assistant (Pilot Operation)
Talen Hon (OHK213) Webmaster (Supporting)

Last Update: 1 Jan 2017

Hall of Fame

We express our heartfelt gratitude to the following members / former staff who contributed to VOHK. We firmly believe VOHK cannot be a successful Hong Kong-based Virtual Airline without their input.

Name Served as Remarks
Eric Ho (OHK006) Technical Support Eric constructed the Web-based Training System, which is a key element of our Virtual Pilot Training Programme. His effort helped VOHK to become the first VATSIM ATO in Hong Kong.
Anson Chu
Instructor Anson is an experienced flight simmer and guided many new-comers to fly the Boeing 747-400 in flight simulator with his enthusiasm and expertise in Boeing 747-400.
Ricky Ng (OHK010) Staff (Pilot Operation) Ricky painted several repaints for major add-on since 2011. His contribution greatly enhanced our flight simulation experience with VOHK.