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Flying Online

Introduction to VATSIM and IVAO
Our operation supports two online flying networks – VATSIM and IVAO where the users may connect the networks as a pilot or an air traffic controller (ATC). Both networks require users to install their own front-end software for the purpose of connection. The software is free and you will be expected to learn continuously on the networks. As a member of VOHK, you must connect to either VATSIM or IVAO when the flight is being tracked by VOHK’s VAFinancials Pilot Client. (The details and the exceptional cases are published in the Standard Operation Procedure).

Their Structures

For VATSIM, every member of VATSIM is also member of a local community, called “vACC”. vACC is normally under a division (like Hong Kong vACC in VATSEA), but it is not necessary to have any vACC under a division (like VATROC). The divisions are members of a Region, says, VATROC and VASEA is under VATSIM Asia Region.

For IVAO, each country is considered as a division instead of a vACC. The division may be active or not, but only the active one could offer pilot training and ATC training to its members. See the division list.



10425101_10152772496034974_1076781556110335900_nThe relationship between VATSIM, IVAO and VOHK

VOHK is a VA partner and an Authorized Training Organization (ATO) of VATSIM, as well as a VA partner of IVAO-HK (Hong Kong Division). In addition to the partnership, our Virtual Pilot Training Programme aims at offering assistance to the new-joiners of both networks, and maintain the quality of our members regarding online flying. We always keep close communication with the IVAO / VATSIM division so the VPTP could be improved continuously, which ultimately benefits our members and other users on the network.

Pilot Rating

Both VATSIM and IVAO has built up their own pilot rating system. VOHK is authorized by VATSIM to issue P1 rating to our members. For IVAO, the pilot rating is to be only issued by the active divisions. If you are interested in a IVAO PP rating, please visit IVAO-HK.

VATSIM Pilot Training Program

IVAO Pilot Ratings

Being an Online Controller

Online ATCs normally are trained by divisions, instead of Virtual Airlines. If you are interested in being an online ATC, please contact your local division (IVAO/ VATSIM) directly.