About VOHK

ohk77w_001Oasis Hong Kong Virtual (VOHK) is a Hong Kong-based Virtual Airline founded by Hong Kong flight-simmers in 2011. We are committed to providing enhanced and interactive flight simulation experience for all of our flight-simmers. Our members flying on VATSIM or IVAO should all have an awesome experience interacting with the ATCs and pilots on the networks!

When it comes to recruitment, we do not discriminate; aspiring VOHK members need not have obtained any previous flight-sim experiences to join VOHK. Currently we support Microsoft Flight Simulator (FSX & FS2004) and X-plane. Should you have any concerns about the recruitment, please proceed to our recruitment page for more information.





VOHK is keen on supporting the development of the flight simmers community in Hong Kong as our goal is to, as mentioned earlier, provide enhanced and interactive flight experience for all of our flight-simmers. So, we are here to set up a platform for our flight simmers to exchange our knowledge of aviation, and enjoy the intimacy and company of each member. In order to accomplish our mission, VOHK often holds and participate in online flying events for our flight-simmers to get together, and these events have been well received by our members and other online pilots.




VAFinancials System
After you’ve joined VOHK, you will be happy and satisfied with our VAFinancials (VAFS) system, which simulates airline operation such as flight schedule, fleet management, flight report database, etc. When you look at our flight schedule, you will wonder our wide range of fleet for your choices, and more than 70 destinations covering Asia, Mideast, Europe, North America, Europe and Oceania.

Virtual Pilot Training Programme
We also have a basic training policy to assist new-joiners in online flying, such as radio communication, flight planning, and online etiquette. The aim of the training policy is not to provide professional training, but assistance on how to connect to the network and fly in a proper way. We are proud of being the first VATSIM ATO offering VATSIM accredited training VATSIM P1 rating in Chinese in Hong Kong.

VOHK provides our members with aircraft repaints for some mainstream add-on aircraft (eg. PMDG 737, Aerosoft Airbus X Extended).

Cargo Division
VOHK understands that some flight-simmers are looking for cargo flights in the virtual skies. Therefore, our cargo division is responsible for the cargo flights such as Air Hong Kong in VAFinancials schedule. (We are not affiliated with Air Hong Kong in real world.)