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VAFS Schedule

Our VA network consists two hubs (Hong Kong and London Gatwick), covering more than 70 cities over the world.

OHK100-OHK199 Southeast Asia (VHHH) OHK800-OHK899 US (VHHH)
OHK200-OHK299 PRC (VHHH) OHK900-OHK989 Canada (VHHH)
OHK300-OHK399 East Asia (VHHH) OHK2500-OHK2599 Tour / Special Flights
OHK400-OHK449 South Asia and Middle East (VHHH) OHK9900-OHK9999 OHK Temporary Dispatch Flight
OHK450-OHK499 Macau (VMMC) AHK100-AHK999 Cargo Routes (VHHH)
OHK500-OHK599 Europe (VHHH) AHK9900-AHK9999 AHK Temporary Dispatch Flight
OHK600-OHK699 Oceania (VHHH) OHK2900-OHK2999 Temporary Delivery Flight
OHK7XXX London Gatwick Hub (EGKK) JEXXXXX / JALXXX Code-shared flight with VJAL