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Table Document

These document below are for flight simulation purposes, NOT FOR REAL WORLD USED.

Document Description Last Updated
Conversion Table of hPa to inches This table is to show the conversion from hPa to inches 1 January 2015
Oceanic Radio Operations This document is a checklist for oceanic radio procedure 1 January 2015
RVSM Table  Table 1: Common RVSM

Table 2:  RVSM in France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and Portugal (Lisbon FIR only), Morocco

Table 3: RVSM in New Zealand (New Zealand FIR only)

Table 4: RVSM in Chile (Except Isla de Pascua FIR)

Table 5:  RVSM in People’s Republic of China, Mongolia and North Korean

Table 6: RVSM in Russian Federation, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan

1 January 2015