VA Operations

After you’ve joined VOHK, you will be happy and satisfied with our VAFinancials (VAFS) system, which simulates airline operation such as flight schedule, fleet management, flight report database, etc. When you look at our flight schedule, you will wonder our wide range of fleet for your choices, and more than 70 destinations covering Asia, Mideast, Europe, North America, Europe and Oceania.

VAFinancials Pilot Client

All the VOHK’s flights tracked by VAFS Pilot Client should be done on VATSIM or IVAO (The details and the exceptional cases are published in the Standard Operation Procedure). A flight report will be automatically submitted to the VAFS server upon completion, which contains some vital information like

  • Aircraft type
  • Flight path
  • Flight time
  • Landing performance


Learn more about VAFinancials Pilot Client (VAFS5)