30 July 2017 – RFE Hong Kong and Macao 2017


RFE Hong Kong and Macao 2017
Since 1998, the Hong Kong International Airport has been playing a significant role in Asia, with it being a hub and focus city for many world leading airlines. This summer, we are bringing the opportunity to let pilots feel how flying inbound and outbound one of the busiest airports in the world is like by holding a real flight event (RFE). To make the event even more realistic, we have also included the flights of Macao Airport, an airport located 60nm to the west, altogether a total of nearly 350 flights. Providing a broad spectrum of over 100 destinations, members can choose from short haul flights to Taiwan, or long haul ones to Europe and the America. Don’t hesitate to book your own flight and squeeze into the crowded yet efficient airspace during the event!
The whole event will be on 30 July 2017, from 1000z to 1600z.

Flight Booking
Flight booking is necessary for each flight, please make your booking here.
Please remember to confirm your booking after selecting from the website.

Private Slots
We provide private slots throughout the event for virtual airlines, VFRs, or private jets.
Please remember that each movements counts as a slot, a departure followed by an arrival will be counted as 2 slots.
From 1000z – 1330z, there will be 4 private slots per hour.
From 1400z – 1530z, there will be 10 private slots per hour.

VHHH : Hong Kong Sceneries
VMMC : Thai Creation

ATC : For those who are willing to participate and serve as an ATC in the event, please contact any of the division’s event department staff. ATCs must be present at the Air Traffic Control Centre (ATCC), no home controlling is allowed. The final roster will be announced prior to the event. We do NOT accept members to book through the IVAO ATC Booking System.


Should you have any inquiries, please contact Hong Kong Event Coordinator (hk-ec@ivao.aero), Event Assistant Coordinator (hk-eac@ivao.aero) or Division Event Advisor 1 (hk-ea1@ivao.aero).