1 Jan 2017 – New Year Message 2017

Dear members,

Thank you for your continuous support to Oasis Hong Kong Virtual.

Last year, administrators and staffs contributed their effort to unite our members, provide excellent airlines simulation and virtual pilot training for our members flying online.

With excitement to flying online, London Gatwick Hub brought many group flights to our members, flying to unique airports around the world, such as Gibraltar and Madeira, from the Europe to North America. Spontaneous group flights are always supported by our members. In October 2016, 7 pilots flight from Hong Kong (VHHH) to Naha, Okinawa (ROAH) is a remarkable online and flight experience, landing in typhoon weather with strong crosswind on final, nearly exceed the limit of their flying aircraft. Not only group flights encouraged our members to fly VOHK frequently but special schedule flight also. In the last Lunar New Year, London Gatwick Hub presented several Lunar New Year seasonal flights from North Europe to Hong Kong. Also, flights between London Gatwick and Rio de Janeiro were scheduled during the Rio Olympic in August 2016.

2016 may bring a little bit sadness with us. We have decided to retire our A340-600 from our VOHK fleet due to low usage. Moreover, in the real world, the last Hong Kong-based airline’s 747-400 made her very final flight in October. The double-decker ‘The Queen of the Skies’ had been served Hong Kong people since 1979. The jumbo jet can carry more than 400 passengers, while the capacity and distance was much more than it previous aircraft in the history.

Although those sorrowful have happened, the New Year gives us the opportunity to start afresh. Oasis Hong Kong Virtual will bring a fresh image to the public in 2017. The project of new website, including the CaptainOasis system, Training System and Oasis.TV, is going smoothly. More liveries and group flights will be released.

May I take this opportunity to thanks those members who contribute their effort on Oasis Hong Kong Virtual.

The administrators and staff will continues to serve our pilots in sincerely and faithfully.

On behalf of Oasis Hong Kong Virtual Administrator Group, I wish you all a very happy New Year.

Best Regards,
Bill Lau
Chief Executive Officer of Oasis Hong Kong Virtual
Administrator (Pilot Operation) of Oasis Hong Kong Virtual