1 Jan 2017 – Staff Movements

Further to the 16th Administrator and Staff Meeting, the staff list of Oasis Hong Kong Virtual has been amended as below effective now.

  1. Administrator Group
    1. Bill Lau (OHK004) will take up the position of CEO.
    2. Gabriel Leung (OHK264) has been appointed as Administrator (Pilot Operation).
  2. Staff Group
    1. Talen Hon (OHK213) has been appointed as Webmaster (Supporting Team).
    2. Ryan Wong (OHK245) has been appointed as Cargo Assistant.
    3. Eric Ho (OHK006) has stepped down as Technical Support (Training).
    4. Ricky Ng (OHK010) has stepped down as Staff (Pilot Operation).
    5. Anson Chu (OHK024) has stepped down as Instructor.
    6. The title of Anthony Au (OHK082) as Chief Flying Instructor (IVAO) has been revised to Chief Flying Instructor.
    7. The title of Cheuk Hin Kong (OHK170) as Staff (Pilot Operation) has been revised to Scheduling Officer.
    8. Andrew Chan (OHK125) will be transferred from Pilot Operation to Training Team as a Training Officer.

As a member of Supporting Team, Webmaster and Conflict Resolution Manager (CRM) will report to CEO.

Please refer to the updated staff list below.

Name Position
Administrator Group
Sora Chang (OHK003) Administrator (Pilot Operation)
Hub Manager – London Gatwick
Bill Lau (OHK004) Administrator (Pilot Operation)
Chief Executive Officer
Gabriel Leung (OHK264) Administrator (Pilot Operation)
Eric Chan (OHK054) Administrator (Training)
Gerald Kong (OHK009) Administrator (Training)
Staff Group
Anthony Au (OHK082) Chief Flying Instructor (Training)
Andrew Chan (OHK125) Training Officer  (Training)
Conflict Resolution Manager (Supporting)
Ka Wai Lee (OHK181) Cargo Director (Pilot Operation)
Cheuk Hin Kong (OHK170) Scheduling Officer (Pilot Operation)
Ryan Wong (OHK245) Cargo Assistant (Pilot Operation)
Talen Hon (OHK213) Webmaster (Supporting)

Administrator Group
Oasis Hong Kong Virtual