1 Nov 2015 – Hong Kong Hub Schedule Updated 2015 Phase II

Macau Mini-hub 2015 banner

The 2015 phase II Hong Kong hub schedule review has just been finished. We appreciate your feedback on sustainable development regarding the Hong Kong hub flight network.


The original B77L flights between Hong Kong to Narita and Osaka has changed to B77W. The B77L fleet has extended the service to PHNL (Honolulu) from Hong Kong.


Moreover, in response to the development of our virtual airlines, Oasis Hong Kong Virtual has decided to establish a new mini-hub at Macau Airport in the flight schedule of Hong Kong hub. 15 new destinations from Macau Airport will be served, including Kathmandu, Paro, etc. The function of mini-hub in VOHK is similar to the airlines hub, functioning as a key airport to several destinations in a region, but using the Hong Kong hub’s aircraft fleet.


For the details, please read the NOTAM of 2015 Hong Kong Hub Schedule Updated Phase II.


Your valuable opinion is important to us. Please let us know if you have any further suggestions.


Blue skies,

Bill Lau

The Administration (Pilot Operation) of Oasis Hong Kong Virtual